Meet Magic, the in-app currency for BlockMagic

You will need some Magic Tokens (MGC) to play BlockMagic and join our magical world.

The price of one MGC Token will evolve as we move forward. There is a maximum supply of 6,000,000 tokens. Once all of the tokens have been distributed, players will need to acquire MGC from other users to play.

Grab your Magic Tokens

ONLY 434,596 tokens left*

*We are selling only 500,000 MGC tokens during alpha and 65,404 have already been distributed.



Price: 0.00025 ETH
Limit: 200,000 MGC
Sold: 30,797 MGC


Price: 0.0005 ETH
Limit: 300,000 MGC + 169,203 MGC



Price: 0.00075 ETH
Limit: 2,000,000 MGC


Price: 0.001 ETH
Limit: 2,300,000 MGC

Purchase some Magic Tokens

You will need some Magic Tokens (MGC) to play BlockMagic and our future extensions. How many MGC do you want to purchase? The total supply is limited to 6,000,000 MGC.

Current price: 0.001 ETH 0.0005 ETH during Alpha.

100 MGC

*Instead of 0.1 ETH

1,000 MGC

*Instead of 1 ETH

5,000 MGC

*Instead of 5 ETH

10,000 MGC

*Instead of 10 ETH


Magic is a Deflationary Currency

We decided to burn all of the Magic Tokens that are being spent in the game which makes Magic a deflationary in-game currency (the total supply will diminish over time).

We burnt on October 8th the 8,845 MAGIC that have been spent in the game since we opened the Alpha. We will do this monthly until we release our Beta update that will integrate the burn system directly in the Smart Contract.

When we'll open the Beta, players will be able to acquire shops to sell BlockMagic items (such as wands or books) directly to the other players. Once we do this, the contract will automatically burn 33% of the amount of Magic paid to acquire items from shops. This system will avoid shop owners to get access to items for free.

Magic (MGC) Distribution

The distribution of the MGC tokens is very transparent:

- 80% of the tokens are being distributed to players during the sale period.
- 10% are being dedicated to our community programs (easter eggs, game rewards, tournaments...).
- 10% are being distributed to current and future team members.