Create your Crypto Wizard now

Create your own Wizard and join our magic school to learn new skills, explore our castle in 3d, follow quests or even battle other wizards.

Your skills and assets will be stored on the Ethereum Blockchain to ensure immutability and can be traded with other wizards.



The winner will earn MAGIC and Points for his family!


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Join your Family

Pick the family of your choice and help it reach the top of our ranking. There are four families in our school and one of your main goal as a student will be to earn points for your family to make sure it's ranked #1.

Players can win points for their house by solving quests, exploring some specific parts of the castle, finding unique artifacts, winning battles or tournaments...

200 Pts

150 Pts

0 Pts

0 Pts

A magical 3d environment

You will be able to exlore our castle, its surroundings and the Main Street neighborhood in an incredible multiplayer 3d environment.
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Find Legendary Beasts

Follow our quests to find one of the 100 unique Legendary Beasts hidden in BlockMagic. Each Legendary Beast is unique and stored on the Ethereum Blockchain as an ERC-721 token.

Grab your wand and fight!

Purchase your wand on Main Street and use it in BlockMagic! Wands are stored as ERC-721 Tokens, some of them will be very unique while others are more basic.

Pick your avatar

Pick the avatar that reflects your personality the most and go meet other Wizards in our universe!

Built with Unity

BlockMagic is the first Blockchain-based RPG. We decided to use Unity to develop this game to give our users the opportunity to explore beautiful and vast 3d environments with a high performance.

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